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“Who’s the B in Apt 23” Features Epis...

Don't Trust the B in apartment 23 current roomate
Episode 2 of the ABC TV hit series begins as June sees a little baby passing by in a stroller, which makes  the 1984 Lionel Richie hit “Hello, is that me you’re looking for?” resonate through her ears. She realizes it pretty hard to have a baby when you can’t even get a date. However, Chloe has just the right person for her new roommate, but [...]

Special Comcast Cable Offers In Balti...

xfinity interface
High-Speed Internet, Digital TV in HD, and Digital Voice from Comcast in Baltimore, MD have all surpassed the rest of the world’s home service packages.  Available together or separately from Comcast Digital Services you can enjoy taking advantage of a great savings opportunity when you switch to these three services.  Whatever you financial [...]

Episode 3 of Season 14 “Dancing With ...

dancing with the stars logo
The first dance of the second half of the third show begins with Katherine and Mark. Katherine opens with her story about learning her father had lung cancer in 1996 and loses him quickly. She chose “To Where You Are” as the music to her dazzling Waltz with Mark. Carrie Ann feels the emotion of her father’s arms wrapped around her as she danc [...]

“American Idol” Gossip

north carolina winner american idol
As season eleven of the hit reality series “American Idol” gears down, tensions are running high, as each contestant strives to pull off their personal best on each and every performance. With only eight contestants left, the focus is narrowed just a little bit tighter, and the lights are shining just a little brighter. The room for mistakes [...]